Mina 000




Mina means painting and decorating metals such as gold, silver and copper through special glazed paints that are cooked and fixed at high temperatures.

Mina is a work of Art that has a history of about 5,000 years and is considered a handicraft. Today, this Art is mainly made on copper, but it can also be applied to gold, silver, ceramics. Gold and silver are the only metals that are not oxidized in combination with enamel, so they create the possibility of executing the design in detail and with the same similarity on the tooth enamel, while copper enamel and such quality are not. The enamel work that works on gold and silver is the Art of melting, also a combination of metal oxides and different types of salt near high temperatures (750 to 850 °C), where Colors are formed over time based on temperature. Today, in Iran, the Center of production of Mina containers in Isfahan and prominent professors are active in the production of enamel work.